Canada Immigration 35

Immediate Full-Time Employment

We are currently accepting requests from foreign nationals seeking to live and work in Canada on an expedited basis for immediate full-time employment in a number of occupations

Canada Immigration 36

FSR Program

Our FAST TRACK IMMIGRATION Full-Service Relocation (FSR) program is a unique relocation program that can enable you to relocate to Canada within a delay of approximately 6-9 months

Canada Immigration 37

Qualified Applicants Specialities

Qualified applicants will receive work permits for immediate entry to Canada along with their family dependents. Thereafter qualified applicants and their families may also apply for Canadian permanent residence

Canada Immigration 38

Global Recruiters Network

In addition to being one of Canada's foremost Immigration Lawyers, we are independent franchise owners of one of the largest and fastest growing professional staffing and recruitment enterprises in North America known as Global Recruiters Network

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