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Section 91 of the Immigration Act authorizes lawyers in good standing of a law society, Students-at-law and Immigration Consultants to represent your interests.

Government statistics show that lawyers have a higher success rate than consultants when representing applicants to Canada.

Immigration.ca through Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Resource Center (CCIRC) Inc., employs a highly seasoned team of actively practicing licensed representatives with a combined experience of more than 90 years in immigration matters.

Colin R. Singer

Managing Partner & Senior Immigration Attorney

Colin R. Singer, Managing Partner of Immigration.ca is a licensed Canadian lawyer in good standing with the Quebec Law Society during the past 33 years and is authorized by the Canadian and Quebec governments to represent your interests in all immigration matters in Canada. Colin is also a licensed Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR).

You may obtain a confirmation of his current standing as a licensed lawyer in Canada by contacting the Barreau du Québec at the following website:


Colin Singer is an international acclaimed Canadian immigration lawyer featured on Wikipedia.

Colin Singer is founding director of immigration.ca and the CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP & IMMIGRATION RESOURCE CENTER (CCIRC) INC. He served as an Associate Editor of “Immigration Law Reporter” the preeminent immigration law publication in Canada. He previously served as an executive member of the Canadian Bar Association's Quebec and National Immigration Law Sections and is currently a member of the Canadian Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Colin has twice appeared as an expert witness before Canada's House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration. He is frequently recognized as a recommended authority at National conferences sponsored by government and non-government organizations on matters affecting Canada's immigration and human resources industries. Since 2009, Colin has been a Governor of the Quebec Bar Foundation a non-profit organization committed to the advancement of the profession. He became a lifetime Governor in 2018.

Specialties Colin's law practice focuses on economic class and business immigration. In 1994, he became Canada's first attorney to establish an internet presence through www.immigration.ca, the industry's only one-word domain. His persona on social media is one of the most recognized in the industry. A multiple award-winning author on Mondaq, a leading aggregator of legal, financial and regulatory information from more than 85 countries, his opinions on government policy are often referenced by national news media and industry stakeholders. In 2007, in response to a shift in government policy promoting employer-driven admissions of foreign workers to Canada, the firm acquired Global Recruiters of Montreal a Global Recruiters Network franchise (www.grnmontreal.com) to help provide search consulting expertise that applicants and employers require. To read more about Colin please check his "LinkedIn Profile".

Mayada Jamil

Director & Senior Immigration Consultant

Mayada Jamil presently retains the position of Director of Operations of Immigration.ca and since 1998, has gained extensive experience as an immigration practitioner with the firm.

She was previously employed with the Canadian Federal Department of Foreign Affairs assigned to the Canadian Embassy in Damascus, Syria. Ms. Jamil’s broad-based knowledge of the Canadian immigration process and her expertise in the area of Canadian immigration policy and government relations is an obvious asset to both foreign nationals as well as Canadian human resource managers.

Mayada Jamil is a licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant in good standing with both the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) (Membership # R412439), and the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion (Membership 11240) and is authorized by the Canadian and Quebec governments to represent your interests in all immigration matters.

She is proficient in English, French and Arabic languages.

Me Maria Parau

Senior Immigration Attorney

Me Maria Parau is an immigration attorney with over six years of experience, focused on helping her clients navigate the complex requirements of legal immigration.

Maria represents clients in all Canadian immigration and citizenship matters, but she specializes in temporary and permanent resident applications (business immigration, global mobility, economic immigration and family reunification, among others). She also provides consulting services and she appeared before the Immigration appeal Division, where she represented clients in sponsorship appeals.

Her comprehensive client assessment process allows her to identify creative immigration strategies and solutions for her clients. She also assists her clients throughout the immigration process, so she understands the importance and the impact of all these procedures on individuals.

Maria is fluent in English, French, Romanian and Spanish. She is a member of the Quebec Bar Association since 2015, and holds a Bachelor’s of Laws and a Bachelor’s of Civil Law degrees from McGill University. She is also a member of the Young Bar Association of Montreal and of the Association québécoise des avocats et avocates en droit de l'immigration (AQAADI).

Me Isabelle Sauriol

Senior Immigration Attorney

Me Isabelle Sauriol is a Member of the Quebec Bar Association since 2014 and holds a Masters of Law Degree from the University of Cape Town and a Bachelors of Law (LL.B.) from the University of Montreal. She also holds various diplomas and trainings in communication (UQAM), humanitarian work (McGill University) and public policy (London School of Economics).

She has presented and defended many economic, business, humanitarian and family class immigration applications before the various governmental entities, the Immigration and Refugee Board, The Federal Court of Canada, the Quebec Superior Court and the Administrative Tribunal of Quebec. She presented as a speaker in Canada and abroad, including for the Quebec Bar Association in immigration matters.

She also worked as a legal officer for the international organization Interpol, on questions related to international law, criminal law and data protection.

In addition to her role as a senior advisor at Immigration.ca, she volunteers for the Legal clinic of the NGO Médecins du Monde and the Canadian Red Cross to this day. She also volunteered to the activities of Racine Croisée, the Centre africain d’aide et d’entraide, and Action Réfugiés Montréal in the past, among others.

Jihane Gharzouzi

Senior Immigration Paralegal

Jihane Gharzouzi is a highly experienced Immigration Paralegal at immigration.ca, since 2002. Working under the direction of Me. Colin R. Singer and Ms. Mayada Jamil, Jihane has gained extensive experience in Canadian immigration programs with particular emphasis on business immigration and Family Class sponsorship.

Jihane specializes in temporary and permanent resident applications (business immigration, family reunification, citizenship, visitor among others). She is an expert in assessing candidates’ profiles and assists clients throughout their immigration project to Canada.

Jihane is fluent in English, French and Arabic.

Robin Marchioni

Immigration Attorney

Robin recently became a Member of the Quebec Bar, after completing his Bar School professional in 2020.

He studied for two semesters at the Université du Québec à Montréal, before completing his Master’s degree in International Human Rights Law at Université de Strasbourg, in France. Robin then decided to further pursue his career in Canada, in order to become a lawyer in Quebec.

Having gone through the journey of an international student and a temporary resident in Canada, Robin has personal experience and knowledge of the Canadian immigration process and challenges.

Bojan Prosenki

Immigration Attorney

After completing his law studies at the University of Montreal and then Bar school in 2020, Me Prosenski joined Immigration.ca to help newcomers fulfill their dreams of settling in Canada.

Being the son of immigrants himself, he recognizes the possibilities for self-fulfillment in Canada and sincerely wishes to pass them on to other people, whether it be through Permanent Residence, study or work permit pathways or access to citizenship.

As an Attorney and member of the Quebec Bar Association, he takes pride in providing his clients with the highest standards of service and expertise.

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