Express Entry Immigration Draws

Express Entry is an online application management system which aims to ensure faster processing and better economic outcomes for permanent residence to Canada under federal and certain provincial programs.
Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will submit a profile in the Express Entry pool, known as an Expression of Interest (EOI).

How does Express Entry work?

Rounds of invitations under Express Entry

Candidates are ranked under a points-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The highest-ranking profiles are selected from the Express Entry Pool and receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

The federal government issues invitations at regular intervals during the year.

Draw DateNumber of InvitationsLowest CRS Score
1909-163600462Read more
1809-043600463Read more
1708-203600457Read more
1608-123,600466Read more
1507-243600459Read more
1407-103,600460Read more
1306-263,350462Read more
1206-123,350465Read more
1105-293,350470Read more
1005-15500332Read more
905-013,350450Read more
804-173,350451Read more
704-033,350451Read more
603-203,350452Read more
503-063,350454Read more
402-203,350457Read more
301-303,350438Read more
201-233,900443Read more
101-103,900449Read more
 Draw DateNumber of Invitations Lowest CRS Score
 23December 18th 1,503460
 22December 4th 1,451461
 21November 27th 1,559472
 20November 13th 1,506484
 19October 23rd 1,502489
 18October 2nd1,530450
 17September 18th 1,545450
 16September 8th 1,517459
 15August 22nd 1,l523456
 14August 8th1,402471
 13July 17th1,581451
 12July 10th1,516463
 11June 26th1,575469
 10June 12th1,501482
9May 22nd1,316755
8April 17th715453
7April 10th925469
6March 27th1637453
5March 20th1620481
4February 27th1187735
3February 20th849808
2February 7th779818
1January 31st779886


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