Sample of Successful Business Concepts Under Start-Up Visa

Canada accepts a wide range of business concepts under the Start-Up Visa Program.

Here are samples of business concepts that our clients have successfully presented to immigration authorities:


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A company that focuses on the design, development and distribution of affordable solutions in the agricultural sector.  The company has delivered significant improvements in crop yields and the company has just entered initial production of the hardware at a small-scale, with a supply chain in place to support projected growth for at least the next three years of operations.

Skin Care

Skin Care

An AI-powered skincare and beauty product advisor and marketplace. The start-up intelligently helps anyone pick and buy the right products for their skin with just a few taps, using AI and data built with experienced dermatologists. Users can access the company product from their phone or via the web, or directly on a vendor or marketplace partner website.

Farm Technology


An agricultural farming company that plans to bring food production closer to the point of consumption by creating a network of aquaponic vertical farms in climate-controlled greenhouses on sites located in major cities. By growing vegetables, fruits and herbs in an indoor environment in which the growing process can be controlled and optimized, this startup will be able to provide consumers with great tasting produce all year round, including produce that does not suit colder climates like Korea, UK and Canada.

Concrete Reinforcement Technology

Concrete Reinforcement Technology

One of the most pressing durability concerns of our time is the rapid corrosion of reinforcing steel that occurs in concrete structures subjected to chloride-rich environments. It is often argued that if the steel reinforcement in such structures could be replaced by chemical inert reinforcement, the problem of corrosion could be eliminated.

This company is a new project that has developed a new Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) rebar and rebar bending machine.

On the manufacturing side, new types of rebar and rods (including smooth surface, sand coated surface and all threaded surface) will be manufactured using the highest technology and highly advanced material. The products will be used during the construction of buildings, roads, bridges and highways.

Skull Cranial Stabilization Technology

Skull Cranial Stabilization Technology

Features a surgical device that will represent the first of its kind in the North American cranial surgical market.

Dental Camera Technology


Will allow dentists to give diagnostic services using standardized online cameras.

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