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Current Canadian immigration policy offers temporary and permanent residence under more than 65 programs divided between the Federal and Provincial governments.

There are 11 skilled worker immigration programs in Canada including the Federal Skilled Worker Program and 10 provincial programs.  Each program operates under different criteria using a Demand Occupation List and a quota system. Each program gives the highest rank and priority to candidates who have a sponsor employer.

Although there are many programs for applicants to immigrate to Canada without a sponsoring employer, these programs are quota based and are offered with limited duration.

Our Canada Priority Residence Program (CPRP) is an excellent strategy for many applicants wishing to secure Canadian residence who do not currently qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program or a Provincial Skilled Worker immigration program. Our CPRP is an employment driven program that increases the chances of successful settlement in Canada for our clients.

Here is how it will help most applicants:

Our CPRP services provide candidates with an excellent strategy to prepare their qualifications for consideration under all Economic Class immigration programs that may become applicable during our mandate.

Our CPRP offers two distinct strategies that we will develop together and which will operate concurrently. First, we will take steps to identify potential hiring employers. Second, we will prepare qualifications so that if a suitable program becomes available which does not require a sponsor employer, we will be in a position to submit the application as soon as practicable, to maximize the chances of qualifying under the program.  This will increase the likelihood of successful settlement in Canada.

If applicants delay the process and wait until the announcement or opening of a program with their occupation appearing on a demand list, it may be too late to submit an application before quotas are reached.

Identifying Potential Hiring Employers

Our CPRP helps identify and contact potential hiring sponsoring employers for admission to Canada. First, we prepare a Canada employment resume in a strategic format and style that employers prefer to navigate. Second, we provide our Self Directed Employment search package comprising of 500 potential hiring employers containing their contact details in Canada.  And third, through www.skilledworker.com & www.grnmontreal.com, we provide access to our bank of many Employment Tutorials comprising of the very best training videos and power point presentations to help maximize the chances of securing employment in Canada.
Along with the above tools, we will also submit our client’s credentials to SkilledWorker under a passive match based employment search. This means that where a potential hiring employer in Canada contacts us either through www.immigration.ca, SkilledWorker or GRN Montreal, we will submit our client’s credentials to that employer for possible hiring. Naturally, we cannot guarantee positive employment results at any point during our mandate. But we will provide our assistance for a period of 24 months from hiring our services.

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Preparing the application for admission to Canada under a program without employer sponsorship

During the 24-month period of our mandate, a suitable program may become available to qualify without a sponsoring employer. As such programs are quota based and of very limited duration, only applicants with well prepared and documented applications, submitted as early as possible when such programs become available, will have the best chances for success.

We will prepare the application as early as possible, so that once we receive all of the required elements it will be ready to submit for assessment under a suitable program ahead of others in the queue.

Naturally, we do not control government policy on the availability of such programs or on the numbers of applications that are being submitted under applicable quotas.

Even in the absence of such programs, one may still qualify to relocate to work in Canada, with an employer sponsorship under our Canada Priority Residence Program (CPRP) on a temporary or permanent basis.

There are currently no quotas placed on the entry of applicants to Canada under a temporary residence scheme, with an approved sponsoring employer.

And once our client is working in Canada there will be many possible options to qualify for permanent residence under provincial or territory programs or the federal Canada Experience Class.

To summarize, our CPRP offers two strategies that we will develop together. The first as stated above, we will take steps to identify potential hiring employers. This will be important whether or not a sponsor employer is required. Second, we will prepare our client’s qualifications so that if a suitable program becomes available which does not require a sponsor employer, we will be in a position to submit the application as soon as practicable, to maximize the chances to settle in Canada.

Canada’s immigration policies are very restrictive. We guarantee our very best efforts under a money back refund policy in all our CPRP mandates.  We are confident that our services will provide you with the best chances to help you reach your objectives.

Top REASONS why our Canada Priority Residence Program (CPRP) is the very best option to Canada:

  1. We will submit client credentials to: SkilledWorker & Global Recruiters of Montreal (www.grnmontreal.com) data base; www.immigration.ca data base and provide a passive, match-based employment search and placement assistance to potentially identify and locate employment prospects and introductions to potential hiring(s) in Canada.
  2. We are Canada’s only immigration attorneys that provide credible, direct in-house employment search consulting services through our independently owned SkilledWorker & Global Recruiters of Montreal, (www.grnmontreal.com) a Deloitte & Touche award winning professional transition enterprise.
  3. We will train you via a face-to-face 60-minute live tutorial on how to use LinkedIn to help you find a job in Canada from overseas (conditions apply).
  4. We will provide a comprehensive Data Base comprising at least 500 prospective employers who we have identified as potential hiring companies in the applicant’s occupation in Canada.
  5. We will provide a Canadian-styledResume outlining education, employment history and other hiring attributes in a concise format that Canadian hiring managers seek in a prospective candidate in the field. We also provide excellent pointers on improving a candidate’s online LinkedIn profile.
  6. We will provide 24/7 access to our SkilledWorker & Global Recruiters of Montreal’s (www.grnmontreal.com) bank of employment tutorials comprising of the very best training videos and power point presentations to help maximize the chances of securing employment in Canada.
  7. We will provide a 10-day FREE trial of IELTS 7 – an online preparation course which provides unlimited access to interactive lessons and practice tests in all 4 modules for Academic IELTS and General Training. Following the free trial period, candidates have the opportunity to subscribe to additional courses which includes one-to-one online tuition with an IELTS trainer.
  8. Our personalized services are user friendly and can expedite the process – saving time and resources.
  9. Our expertise and know-how will increase the chances for an interview waiver and minimize the chances for a selection interview.
  10. We are recognized for our knowledge and insight in Federal and Quebec immigration matters by the offices of the federal Department of Citizenship and Immigration, by the offices of the Department of Quebec Immigration and by immigration professionals across Canada.
  11. Our loyalty and respect for our clients is unparalleled in the industry. We are competent and able to challenge the Canadian Government on your behalf should the occasion arise as our past history demonstrates: (www.canadaclassaction.com).

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